We are Document On Ready Group now!

3 years ago, we strive to make the future by creating. We rock the digital/digital marketing spectrum with technology and creative speciality. We served many great clients, many great projects and lots of great results.

We are taking a step forward again now.

As the first branch, Document On Ready Group had established Digiology. Digiology will provide digital marketing solutions, web solutions, ecommerce solutions to our clients, and keep delivering high quality work to our clients. We will seamlessly transfer our current web consulting, digital marketing business under digiology brand. They are our stars for digital/digital marketing needs.

Document On Ready Group will step back, and really provide additional values in all areas, not only in marketing efforts.

The group's foundation is its commitment to creation of future - a belief that future springs from dedicated creations. By doing so, we strives to become the succeed, the aspiring, the next.

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